My latest haul...

This will be a rather random post.
I'm going to share with you a few of the things I "hauled" these last few months.

Do you remember my post on Sevenly?  
Again, it is no secret that quickly became one of my newly found "loves".
I got my shirt in the mail and cannot be more proud of this company.  
This particular Tee was to support Somaly Mam Foundation, in helping sex-trafficking survivors.
This cause will earn a separate blog post in the future...  It's been tugging my heart.
Here's a video of me opening my package... I was so excited!

I will proudly rock this one around... 
Each week Sevenly launches a new Tee, to support a New Cause. 
Check Out This Week's Cause Tee - Now at

Around Valentine's Day, I treated myself to one of these...
Can you guess where it came from?
None other than Starbucks, baby!

And have you heard of Julep Maven?
A few days ago I got my March Julep Maven box in the mail.  
March  Julep Maven Box

If you know me, you KNOW I love a pretty bottle of nail polish... and polish on my nails.
I found out about Julep through a YouTube beauty guru, and got hooked.
American Beauty Box (Moroccan Argan Oil 1oz., Emma & Kelly polishes)
Jennifer & Brooke
It's a Seattle-based salon, which decided to branch out and offer these monthly Julep Maven program boxes to polish-lovers like me, with a monthly membership fee.  They ask you to complete a profile questionnaire, to determine your style, and they send you a suggested selection of polishes each month.  Each box contains, on average, $40-60 worth of products, for $19.99/month.  What I like about this program is that I can choose to "skip" a monthly box, or choose to receive a different selection.  
If you use the code COLOR1012 at checkout, you'll get your first box for $0.01 (A PENNY!).  
Click HERE and check them out!
Anyway, I LOVE getting these boxes in the mail.  

And last, BUT NOT LEAST...
Search & Win
What about Swagbucks?  
To review, go back to my blog post on Swagbucks.
I was able to "swag" enough "swagbucks" to get myself $100 on!!!!  
That's right!  
You probably already know about Swagbucks, but if you don't, click here to read my past post about Swagbucks and how I usually earn my "bucks".
I'm probably getting about 450 swagbucks (which you can redeem for a $5 Amazon gift card) every 3-4 weeks, JUST BY SEARCHING THE INTERNET.  
That's right!
If you use google or yahoo, or any other search engines, I would highly encourage you to start using Swagbucks' search engine.  You'll be able to quickly earn your "bucks" and redeem them for giftcards (or other goodies).
So, my goal since last Fall was to get enough Amazon credit to get a Kindle.  
More specifically, my goal has been (and will continue to be) to get a Kindle Fire without having to pay for it.  
I will keep you guys updated.  
I'm excited, though.
SO, if you haven't yet signed up for Swagbucks, SIGN UP now!!!  
So easy...

What about you?  
What have you hauled lately?

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  1. Ooh, I want a Kindle Fire...and I do Swagbucks becuz of you sooo I guess maybe I should try to earn & save up like you to get my Kindle Fire free!