Flyin' a kite

When my sister and I were younger, my dad would buy all the necessary stuff to make our own kites.  We got the special "tissue-like" paper in the colors of our choice, the thin wooden sticks, and string.  In my eyes, my dad was the best "pipa" maker around.  After making our kites ("pipas" in Portuguese) we would fly them at the beach.  It was THE thing to do on our vacations at the beach. 

Last week I was once again reminded of how much I miss that.  So we decided to get a kite (didn't have the guts to attempt making our own).  We went to a local kite shop, and chose a simple, yet colorful one.  We thought Joshua would like the colors of this one.

And he did!
(see next post for video)


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by Khaled Hosseini

A very powerful story of friendship, family, courage, and redemption. 

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