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God gets my attention through SONG... 

I often times hear from Him when I'm in the car listening to music.  This past week I got one of my favorite Christian artists NEW CD.  Her name is Meredith Andrews and I've been a fan since 2004, when I started going to Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago (suburbs).  Meredith is one of the worship leaders at Harvest and I always felt blessed by her ministry there.  (She actually gave me the music sheet for one of her very first songs, Worship To You, so I could have my brothers, sister, and good friend play/sing at my wedding.  So beautiful!  Thanks, Meredith!).  She's always been so sweet to me and Joel.  When we were working with the college students, Meredith would come to the Sunday night college gatherings and we would have a few quick chats here and there...  she was always so sweet! 

Anyway, this past Tuesday I finally got a copy of her latest CD's at the library.  On Wednesday I was driving to work and decided to listen to it.  I knew I would love her music no matter what, but I found myself in tears when this song began to play...

I’m turning the world off
Embracing the silence
Walking away from all the voices
That are Screaming in my ear
I've been too caught up
I've been so stressed out
All of the noise replaced the whisper
That used to be so clear
So I close every door
Put my face back on the floor

And I'm in Your arms
Where I belong
There's no other place for me
Than right where You are
Some things just don't change
When I call Your name
You never hesitate to wrap me in endless grace
When I'm in Your arms
I’m letting my fears go
Giving You control
For You are the one who holds me closer
In my soul's darkest night

Everything I see
Is so temporary
So help me to run the race before me
With eternity in sight
Now I close every door
Put my face back on the floor
To sit at Your feet
At Your table of mercy
To gaze on Your beauty, my Lord
To drink from Your well
And be changed by Your glory
How could I ask for more
Jesus, how could I ask for more

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  1. What a beautiful song! I saved it to my favorites! Thank you for sharing!


  2. What a beautiful song!